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4 reasons to choose ECIT Automate

  • We work with any process, collaborating with any technology and system
  • Reduce human errors, save time, eliminate waste, increase quality and employee well-being
  • We are your digital workforce.
  • We offer predictability on prices and quality, with fixed prices each month and SLA on quality and performance

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How it works

Implement a full-scope service
We have the experience and knowledge
We assist you with support

Implement a full-scope service

We can implement a full-scope service.

Whether it is the full robotic service or in a consultative role where we support the training and development of employees.

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We have the experience and knowledge

Across all digital processes, we can support the automation of any manual task and routine in an approach tailored to your business's automation requirements.

We’ve automated hundreds of processes in different business sector and with varied complexity.

Through engagement and understanding, we at ECIT Automate wishes to create business solutions that encourage growth in value and people.

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We assist you with support

We believe that when businesses require support to transform their business models with RPA, they need a team of experts with highly-specialized technical skills to deliver quality and at-scale work. As the importance of digitalization for modern businesses grows, experience and knowledge matter when creating tailored solutions that can integrate automation across business processes.

Therefore, if you wish to connect and learn how ECIT Automate can support the digital evolution of your business, you can contact us by phone or email.

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Sanoma Group

“Before, it took our employees 3-4 hours a day to do this, and now the work is done in less than an hour”

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