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The Management Group of ECIT has broad experience from all our business areas in the Nordic countries, and with proven strategic knowledge in areas of finance, growth, acquisitions, customer success, strategy and compliance.

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Group management

Peter Lauring


Klaus Jensen


Jes Schjøtler


Mads Skovgaard


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We are your strategic partner

Tom Rasmussen

Group M&A

Lise Molund

Group Legal

Camilla Hagberg

Group HR

F&A Division

Linda Forberg

MD F&A Norway

Lars Inge Tordal

Partner, Cross Mgmt.

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We are knowledge-driven and digital

Knut Anders Opstad

MD ECIT Norian

Nicolaj Johansen

MD ECIT Services DK

Ivan Nielsen

MD ECIT Account DK

Daniel Bolin

Country Manager Sweden

Jens-Oskar Göransson

MD Modern Ekonomi

IT Division

Halvor Aspaas

MD IT Norway

Gunnar Johnsen

Partner, Cross Mgmt.

Torstein Håvardsrud

MD ECIT Solutions NO

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We invest in people and culture

Mikkel Walde

MD ECIT Solutions DK

Thomas Solvang

MD ECIT Consulting DK

Daniel Bolin

Country Manager Sweden

Tech Division

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We are your partner locally and across borders

Eivind Norebø

MD tech Division

Harald Næss

Business Development

Andreas Viljugrein

Partner, Cross Mgmt.

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