Responsible behaviour is a part of ECIT's core values, and both customers and other stakeholders hold ECIT accountable for conducting business responsibly.

ECIT's Codes of Conduct towards employees and subcontractors serve as the foundation for all actions and activities carried out under ECIT's name.

Code of Conduct

In 2022, ECIT established a Code of Conduct which covers various areas such as human rights, gender equality, supplier relationships, labour standards, and environmental responsibility.

The Code of Conduct serves as our cornerstone, playing an essential role in our commitment to responsible business practices, aligned with the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact and OECD's guidelines for responsible business conduct. The Code is integrated into our onboarding process and management training.

We consider compliance training of our employees as an important step in minimizing the risk of violating various rules, including rules on corruption and human rights. ECIT has continued this work in 2023 by further integrating our Codes of Conduct into operations through additional online training and awareness measures.

The Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven)

In 2022, The Transparency Act entered into force, making it mandatory for certain Norwegian companies to conduct due diligence on human rights in value chains.

ECIT supports the new legislation and has carried out several measures to ensure that Group and relevant subsidiaries are compliant.

Appointing Group responsibilities, establishing systems for information requests from the public, performing due diligence of suppliers, and embedding responsible business conduct into policies and management systems, are part of the measures implemented.

Board representation

The Board of Directors consists of six members, including one female director and five male directors. In April 2022, ECIT welcomed its first female board member, Linda Forberg.

Whistle-blower system

In 2021, ECIT implemented a whistle-blower system, which allows people to anonymously report serious or suspected offenses that might impact either an individual or the ECIT Group.

Similar to last year, no incidents through our whistle-blower system were reported during 2022.

Governance – 2023 focus

During 2022, a number of steps were taken to enhance the ECIT governance model.

Focus on governance will continue in 2023 to secure continuing compliance with regulatory requirements across countries.

Having high governance on our agenda enables our employees to conduct business in a respectable manner that benefits our customers and business partners.