Geomatikk: "We have found a partner that supports and facilitates our growth"

Scalability has become increasingly crucial for successful business operations in the private labour market. Whether it involves payroll systems, IT setups, or accounting deliveries, recent years highlighted that we live in a dynamic world where society and external factors can rapidly change from one day to the next. Consequently, companies must cultivate adaptability to navigate these changes effectively. With an agile business setup that can scale up and down, each company has the opportunity to react quickly and adjust operations to various changes in the environment, as well as to support and facilitate its own business development. Conversely, a rigid business structure can cost you market share and hinder the realisation of your own potential. Scalability thus represents a significant and sought-after competitive advantage.

Read this article and gain insight into how ECIT created a scalable solution for the Nordic conglomerate Geomatics.

About Geomatics

Geomatics was established in 2005 and is now a leading provider of services and software solutions that ensure critical infrastructure for groundworks in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Geomatikk safeguards critical societal networks using proprietary software and a dedicated field force. With five operational companies and approximately 800 employees, Geomatikk assists various stakeholders, including network owners like Telenor and Telia, contractors, and public authorities, in protecting vital infrastructure. Since its inception, the group has experienced substantial growth, leading to expansion and the establishment of new companies in Sweden and Finland. Initially, when the new companies were established, there was no group function coordinating the selection of business systems or subcontractors for payroll and accounting. Consequently, each company ended up choosing solutions based on its individual needs. After many years of strong growth, it became challenging to efficiently keep up with and consolidate the group's accounts.

"When Geomatikk expanded and established companies in new markets, we didn't focus much on ensuring that accounting and payroll practices mirrored those we had in place in Norway. Consequently, each country operated with different systems and subcontractors for payroll and accounting services, making it challenging to report across the group. After many years of growth, it became logical to consolidate both the delivery and responsibility to one supplier." - Johan Degala, CFO of Geomatikk.

Efficient Onboarding

With the primary goal of finding a supplier capable of providing streamlined payroll and accounting services across Norway, Sweden, and Finland, Geomatikk began exploring the market. This involved initiating dialogues with five potential suppliers, with price and onboarding process being crucial factors in their eventual choice ECIT.

"After a thorough search process, Geomatikk chose ECIT as our partner in payroll and accounting. ECIT stood out due to its operations throughout the Nordic region and its broad expertise in the systems already used by Geomatikk. They provided a functional and standardized onboarding process, allowing us to create a roadmap for our transition through workshops. Through collaboration, we mapped our deliveries across different countries and engaged in a productive dialogue about our desired future structure. The onboarding process was relatively simple with clear responsibilities, which was important for us in the long run. Additionally, ECIT offered a competitive price." - Johan Degala, CFO of Geomatikk.

The efficient onboarding process was not only a winning factor in the short term, facilitating the transition to a single supplier capable of supporting group reporting. It also held significance for Geomatics' business strategy and future plans for scaling the company.

"Geomatikk has a strong focus on growth, both organically and through acquisitions. An important part of our scaling is having the same system setup across the group. When we acquire new companies, we collaborate with ECIT to create a plan for their implementation into the group's systems and routines. It is crucial that we have a reliable partner in ECIT, who can efficiently and securely onboard new companies into the group." - Johan Degala, CFO of Geomatikk.